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Create an Account FAQs


Q. How do I sign in to my existing account?

A. If you have an existing account, you can sign in using the email address in your account (this is your User ID), and your current password. All of your existing account information will be available to you. To take advantage of new online features, be sure toSign up for Prescription Management.


Q. What is the Prescription Management sign up process?

A. To protect your privacy, we require you to do a one-time, two-step verification process so that no one but you can view your prescription records. You must first create an online account, and then sign up for Prescription Management by completing the verification process. You will then be able to view your records and purchase prescriptions with the click of a button. Sign up for Prescription Management now.


Q. Can I use my ExtraCare card online?

A. Now you can manage, view and redeem your ExtraCare rewards online in a few simple clicks. To begin, you will need to create an online account. If you already have an account, go to the ExtraCare page and follow the instructions to attach an ExtraCare card. Once you have signed in to your account and attached an ExtraCare card, go to the ExtraCare page and click on the Current Rewards tab to view your rewards.


Q. Do I need to create an account to place an order?

A. You can place an order for nonprescription items without creating an online account. Just follow the links for Shop as Guest. Please keep in mind that we will not save any of your information, and you will need to reenter it next time you shop. 

To order prescriptions you do need to create an online account, but you do not need to complete the Prescription Management sign up process.

Sign In or Create an Account

Please sign in to your Beyond The Pharmacy Inc. Account to manage your prescriptions, or

Sign up for a account today.

You’ll be able to manage your family’s prescriptions, shop easily for everything from vitamins to beauty products, and view and redeem your ExtraCare rewards.

Yes, I have read and accept the Beyond The Pharmacy Inc./Pharmacy Online Terms of Use and Privacy Statement. *

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